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The Actionscript 3 Preloader was (sort of) a success.

2007-09-25 14:02:17 by ThymeCypher

So if any of you persons saw it, my first and only animation is: The Actionscript 3 Preloader. There's none available from the downloads section (Yeah, thanks Tom Fulp, you jackass. But we still love you), but I went ahead and made one that unfortunately can't be PUT in the downloads section, simply because they aren't accepting additions. Oh well. Also, since no one visited my website that often anyway (Too busy with other peoples websites, thanks jackasses. Don't love you as much.), I can't upload it there, so if anyone wants it, PM me your e-mail address and I'll ship it to you in CS3 FLA form as an attachment. Thanks for the 222 voters who at one time, had it rated at 2.22 :)

Oh, also, because I'm retarded beyond normal human standards, I forgot to post a link to it. Derderder.
Actionscript 3 Preloader

The Actionscript 3 Preloader was (sort of) a success.


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i fucking found you.